Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hey, At least I am posting.

Decidedly, I have left this blog again to the wayside. Probably because I have been v. busy. Work, life and really just shopping. I tend to do that a lot. To be honest, I have been less focusing on the geek and more on the goddess aspect of my life. For some reason I have been in a video game and over all nerd funk. I mean there have been little things here and there. An extreme excitement for the new Iron Man. But I will not be attending the midnight premiere because, silly me, I miscalculated the actual date. But I will see it that friday. And BOY am I excited for that. I mean, Mickey Rorke as Whiplash? The trailer says it all, and it looks goooood. I have it downloaded to my iPhone so I can watch it at my leisure. I also had Ed buy me Prince of Persia for the PS3, but I haven't played it yet. I have been unusually tired on the weekend (I blame the Winter slump) and when I come home from work. All I ever want to do is watch CSI (the original thankyouverymuch) and Law and Order: SVU Marathons. Okay and a sprinkling of Project Runway and Americas Next Top Model. So now, I am wondering what happened to my inner geek? Did she burn out when I spent two straight months playing WoW? Probably. I dunno. Why did I suddenly stop buying 360 games and Steve Maddens instead (in Steve's defense, he makes the cutest shoes). Even the girly geek stuff I used to do - where did that go? Well, I know what happened to Tomb Raider. All my saved games for Underworld DIED when Ed decided NOT to take my advice and play WoW and installed FF:XI instead. After much cursing, tears, and throwing of tantrums our 360 was reformatted and all my saved games were GONE. After that I have been too depressed to play anything except DVDs on the 360.

So, I have no answers except for laziness and a willingness to look cute. And that's all right. Once the weather gets sunny, I'll break out the games because really? I don't go outside in the summer and spring. And to be honest...I am okay with that. Now, back to watching the Super Bowl and painting my nails :D

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