Wednesday, June 19, 2013


So, since I haven't posted anything for a while, I figured I might as well throw an outfit on the wall. It's from a while ago:

Orange Bow Blouse :: Mod Cloth
Cardigan :: Target
Rock Steady Skirt :: Mod Cloth
Brouges :: DSW
Elephant Pin :: Vintage, circa 30's or 40's

So, not the best picture, it was taken the morning after an event I had to do for work. Ed and I were the youngest people attending, which was okay, but it did make for a dull time since we really had no one to talk to. To make us feel better, we went out for a drink afterwards and stayed out pretty late. That's my excuse for having train wreck hair and I am sticking to it. 

Anyway, the outfit. I like this because it's a bit of a departure from my usual jewel-tone color palette and I like how the brown, navy and orange all kinda go together. The base of the outfit is from Mod Cloth, probably the first place I tend to shop. I was worried the skirt wouldn't fit, but it did, like a dream. It's cut in a circle, so it swings when I walk and is just so damn cute. The blouse is also from Mod Cloth, an item I had literally fantasized about for weeks before buying it. I bought it way too big though - I bought a 4x when I really should have a 3x or even a 2x. Oops. When I buy straight sized clothes, I overcompensate for my overly large boobs and forget about not having to do that with Plus-Sizes. Derp. It's okay though, it works the way I want it too. The shoes we've seen before, no real comment except that they can also be found on Mod Cloth, tehehe. The broach was an awesome find! I got it from an antiques flea market I've been obsessing about recently for ten bucks! It adds a certain panache to my outfits.Here's closer picture of it:

If it's from the 40's, I am going to assume it was made after the
popularity of "Dumbo"

Anyway, my current lustiness:

Let the whining commence

I am so crushing on this dress, it's getting to the point of embarrassing. Pocket Rocket instantly became one of my favorite Blogs since I found her. I was so super excited that she got to design a dress along with two other gorgeous UK Bloggers for SimplyBe (note: whyunohavestoreinUSA?Fix nao plz). Hers is my favorite. The yellow and pink is too delightful to pass up, and the quirky and cute print is subtle enough to get away with at work. Just bummed I ended up missing a 40% off code because I'm broke. Oops. Lesson learned.

Till next time!