Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Love Affair.....Continued...

So, from the last time (which was eons ago...whoops.) I was discussing my strange girl-love obsession with Lara Croft and why exactly I find her so....awesome. So, Tomb Raider Underworld came out about a year ago, I believe and I just recently got around to playing it. That and also TR Legends, because much to my surprise the games link together quite closely along with the Anniversary Edition. It had taken me so long to play both games, because as previously mentioned...I lost touch with the series. TR: Angel of Darkness and it's odd story line and really crappy controls really turned me off.

So, when I saw the Underworld Trailer in my local Game Stop, I was amazed at how....awesome it looked. I stood there my mouth gaping wide open, just in awe of the graphics, feeling the old excitement wash over me. My fingers itched to control Lara again, to go on an adventure again and experience that feeling I had as a kid with her. Ed turns me with a shrug and says, "Looks pretty cool". I wanted to throttle him. Pretty cool?!? Oh, nay nay! This game looked effing awesome! I needed to have this game. And now I do.

So, after playing Legend and Underworld, what do I think? It wasn't the leap into the past I had expected, but it delivered so much more. Game-wise the play is as impeccable as ever, and the story line as engrossing as the others. For the first time we actually get a story that has linking elements across the three most recent games. We see Lara, but as she was - her curves are more realistic, and her wardrobe has had a bit of a face lift. She's still as smart and sassy as ever, still strong and heroic. Lara herself has not changed much, and nor have my feelings about her. I still find her to be an inspiration, but even more so. Not just as a spring board for a future career, but in other ways too. She's so fit, with out being a stick insect, she makes me want to maybe get into better shape myself. She's even smarter, with facts just popping out of her head, which makes me want to keep up with my history studies, now that I have graduated college. Of course, Lara is still a video game character and can only motivate me so much. The rest is up to me. But the impact she has had in my life is not forgotten and the fact that, 11 years later she's still making an impact on me? That should speak volumes. So hopefully, for all the other generations of girls out there, maybe Lara will inspire them to go for their dreams.