Saturday, December 5, 2009


Yeah, I kinda let this blog go to the wayside. There's a reason, and you should all be proud to know that it's a decidedly a geeky reason.

I started playing World of Warcraft again. That should really just explain it all, right? Everyone knows what a black hole of time that game is. So of course, certain things suffer because of it. I choose the blog and certain TV shows. Well, today I spent the day catching up on some of my favorites that I have missed (Hulu, I love you.) and decided to catch up on this blog as well. My topic? World of Warcraft. duh.

I love this game, but at first I could have cared less about it when first presented to me. About 5 years ago my friends would not shut up about it. Everywhere we went, Warcraft this, epic gear that, lets run UBRS tonight, how's your DPS? I got so frustrated and bored, I wanted to scratch my eyeballs out with all the nonsensical talk. So one night, everyone is still sitting there talking about it and I ask "What is the big DEAL!?!?" My best friend Steve decides enough is enough and set me up with a character on his account.

Needless to say the eventual progression happened after that: I got my own account, and played. Hardcore. I did raids, pvp - everything. I wasn't a huge raider or pvper, or one of those untouchable players. But I did do a little bit of everything. I loved my little gnome mage. Of course eventually I wised up and rolled Horde. I tended to go into cycles. I took a break before rolling Horde, and getting into BC. About a year after that I took a long break after the patch with Zul'Amani kept crashing my computer and I quit. I had more important things going on at the time regardless. Like, school.

I spent 2 years with no internet (or cable, god), and a crappy computer. This year I finally did get a nice computer and the internet (as mentioned in an earlier ppst). I spent about 2 months without really feeling the pull. Then suddenly one Saturday morning I woke up and literally needed to play. First I had to talk it over with my fiancee (at the time he was just my BF :P). Could we afford it? No problem. Am I able to not let it get the way of life? Yes. Everything was laid out. I reinstalled, it took like...God, hours upon hours. I got Wrath of the Lich King.

I finally about 2 weeks ago got to the Wotlk content. Part of me misses the BC stuff, since I never got to see all of it, or at least as much as I had of the Original. And I am still cranky about the level 77 requirement for Cold Weather Flying. (Which is a total WTF?!) Granted, I figure if I am going to have to walk everywhere for the next 5 levels, I am going to do so with a nice ride. I am grinding out the Black Skeletal Warhorse pvp mount. It sucks, but there is something pretty awesome about burning Alliance down in AB with Lady Gaga playing. So, the Wrath content. I do have to say, it's pretty epic, what I have seen so far. I really love the new environments, and the overall unique look to each area. The vy'krul are pretty bad ass Nordic looking dudes, with really nice models. The Walrus people (shut up, I can't remember the name) are pretty original too, without being completely ridiculous. Like the complete fan girl I am, I squealed with joy when I found Alexstraza and Krasus at Wyrm's Rest.

So far I have seen three instances: 2 as a mage and 1 one as a priest. The 2 I DPSed on were Utgarde Keep and The Nexus, and I healed on Drak'theron Keep. My first impressions of Utgarde keep were pretty good. The place was big, but not too long to make it into a chore. However, even at this point, UK seems to be one of those blow through dungeons. I didn't even finish the Nexus, as the learning curve seemed extremely high on it. Or it could have been the nooblets I was grouped with. Either way, it felt like there was a large jump in difficulty between the two. Sadly, I can't really give a good opinion on DK, as I was healing at lvl 70, as a Shadow Priest. It was pretty bad.

Do I love the new stuff? I can't say that for sure. I love Dalaran and certain aspects of this expansion, but I still have yet to make up my mind as a whole. Also considering that patch 3.3 is coming out soon, which is going to add even more content (ARTHAS!). I think I love the unofficial companion book more, Arthas: Rise of the Lich King. It's a really good book, which I highly suggest. I think I might need to get more into it and follow it farther. Until then...don't expect more posts.


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