Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tax Return Shopping!

Like a kid on Christmas, I ran down stairs to my laptop and check my bank account. Low and behold: My tax return! I was pretty psyched and promptly told my fiancee we were going to Coach so I can get my bag. Which also turned into a shopping spree. But that's okay. When I got to Coach, I started just meandering around, looking at things. The shop assistant kept her distance until I asked questions. I was really going toward the Poppy area, because I loved the tote I had my eye on forever. Then I actually looked at the new stuff, that I usually sweep on by when I enter the store. The Kristin Collection. Brand spanking new, in the signature Coach op art jacquard and this softest, buttery leather ever. They came in really pretty springy colors, yellow, teal, white and the usual black and a darker multi color. I ended up getting the Kristin Opt Art Sateen Hobo. I loooove this bag. The short handle is made from the same soft leather and comes with a longer strap that can be removed. I adore this, because it's nice to have some versatility. I have fat line backer arms, so the sorter strap is hard to manage with my bulky winter coat on. I use the longer strap for now. But it's so lovely and once I saw that with the special clasp, all images of Poppy left my head. Poppy who?

The bad news is that my MOTHER got make up on the damn thing when I showed her. BUT I can say for a fact that the Coach cleaner is the most amazing stuff ever. It got the stains out perfectly and quickly with nothing left over. For 10 bucks, it can keep your investment in good shape. That being said, I think for next winter I am going to upgrade through to a full leather piece, one that can stand up to my abuse. :T

I also ended up getting a rather pretty dress from Target, a pretty tank shirt from Torrid and really lovely pointy kitten heals from Nine West. Hurrah, good shopping day!

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