Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day: Top 10 Things I have been loving,

10. Bayonetta

I have been stupidly obsessed with this game since I first saw an advertisement for it hanging in Gamestop. I immediately loved the fact that she wears glasses ( like me!) and still kicks ass. Upon watching the trailers I noticed that she has what looked like lollipops in her mouth (yes, lollipop, not sucker or taffy, you freaks). And here's the kicker - she makes her clothes out of her insane hair. Yes, she's my new video game hero, or at least until I start playing TR:Underworld again (not going into why I have to restart, that is a rant for another day).

9. Season Six of LOST

Some people get it, some people don't and some are just completely confused. I fall somewhere in between confused and getting it. But I still can't get enough of this show, especially this newest season. My biggest qualm is that even though we're getting answers, more questions keep cropping up, just like in past seasons. Plus at times, it just feels like we're back at square one, all over again. And how exactly is the biggest question going to be answered: How will this end?

8. Hard Candy cosmetics at Wal-Mart

The other day I was in my local Wal-Mart, when I turned a corner in the make-up section, trying to extricate myself from a crush of people and carts when I literally fell into the Hard Candy display. Wow. I was surprised because HC was a pretty upscale brand back in the day and expensive too. But they had cute little kits and cases for their products, and the quality was good too. I quickly scooped up the Baked Eye Shadow Duo in Rush Hour, Tinted Lip Balm in Carol and Ginormous Mascara in Carbon Black. I really enjoyed the products - the packages are attractive, the eye shadow blends really well (especially with my Sonia Kashuk brushes) and the mascara! Oh! Little to no clumps and the brush is small with small bristles. I will definitely be buying more.

7. Tan Trench Coat

I have been plotting to buy this trench for weeks. I am telling you, as soon as I get paid I am buying this thing. I checked it out in the store and lo and behold, it's quite nice. The outside shell is thick, the lining is soft and colorful. It's not warm coat, but perfect for the spring. I believe a tan trench is a great staple for any wardrobe and a great investment. This will be a piece I shall have forever.

6. Sano Ichiro Novels by Laura Joh Rowland

I don't remember how I got into these books, I think my Aunt gave me one in a bag of books to be passed along to my mom. Regardless, these books stuck a chord with me because, a) I loved anything having to do with japan and b) they are historical. As a history nerd, I couldn't not pass these up, especially since they are so well written. All the little historical details in the books - like clothing, food and even down do how a person was supposed to hold their hands. And of course, the mysteries are well written and completely absorbing.

5.This Top from Torrid

It looks a LOT nicer in real life. Really. The cool part, there are zippers in little places, like the shoulder and across the front on the pink under layer. It makes for a really cool effect and look. I dig the punk rockness, but at the same time I like the attention to the fact that zippers are really in right now.


Yeah, YEAH! This is another one I cannot wait for. It looks to be bigger and more action packed than the last one, with a glittering cast. The trailer? Amazing. It still looks as it Tony Stark's still got it. This just might be the antidote for the depressing recent comics ( at least the ones as of a few months ago, I lost track). And note the end of the may then jump up and go "HELL YES!"

3. The Daily Mail

For some reason I stumbled on to DM after doing a search on more Bridget Jones info, and saw the list of articles they had. It was amazing. All this lovely info from England. For some reason, I just kind of fell for it, and even though some of it doesn't make sense, or goes over my head I still read every day.

2. Poppy by Coach

Specifically the navy blue Op Art Glam Tote. Obsessed, Obsessed. I was going to go with the graffiti one, but I decided the blue tote was classier, but still extremely fun and falling into the poppy line. But, of course, I have to wait for it considering I like having a roof over my head.

1. My Fiancee, Eddie.

Yeah yeah, I love him everyday, but he really made today extra special, so for that, he is my number 1 :D

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