Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Beaster Outfit.

Hullo! It's been months, since I have last posted. I truly haven't forgotten about my blog, nor have I been too busy to write a post. I have just simply been incredibly lazy. C'est la vie.

Anyway, I wore a pretty banging outfit for Easter and I felt it needed to be shared. I decided to serve up some vintage realness.

My fiancee took the picture, said I needed to smile and not look cranky
Head to Toe: hat, vintage; sweater, Target; sweater guard, vintage; dress, Forever 21
tights, Target; shoes, Naya Shoes; bag, Coach Poppy Collection,
stupid hair band I left on my wrist, Wal-Mart.
I don't usually devote whole posts to an outfit, but I felt so darn cute, I couldn't help it. I also felt extremely proud for being able to match up that peachy-salmon-pink color of the dress with a cardigan. Speaking of the dress, it was pretty insane it came from Forever 21. It's really well constructed, LINED, and the pleats are sewn in. Ed's nephew's girlfriend demanded to see the tag before she believed me. Only issue: it's dry clean only. Which is pretty ridiculous for a 30 dollar dress, but hey, one last thing I need to haul the laundromat right? Anyway, I really like the blue of cardigan and the pink of the dress together. I used the grey tights as a nice base to kind of tone down the other bright colors. The shoes are a great color and pretty much go with anything in my closet! They are also SO comfortable. I can wear them all day at work and then some.


Can't have Easter without some treats! Ed got me a pink chocolate bunny and two bars of Dairy Milk. That stuff is pretty much crack in chocolate form. So. Damn. Good.


Two more instragramy pictures. I thought they came out kinda cool :) Anyway, I have some ideas for blog posts and a few things I want to write about, so hopefully I can get the motivation! Ha!

Huggles and Kissles

P.S. Did you know that a group of unicorns is called a "Blessing". I HAD NO IDEA.

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