Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December 2012

Sort of a moot point since I am making this post two days after December and 2012 ended. Oh well, I was busy on New Years Eve.

Well, so what is so important about December 2012? To me? This past month has been a bit of a turning point in my life. It signified an end and a beginning.

To start, I went on this insane <i>BEST FUCKING CHRISTMAS EVER</i> bender where I was determined to make the holiday season worth it. I shopped till I literally dropped. My wallet hemorrhaged cash like the Crazy 88 spurting copious amounts of blood in Kill Bill. I bought ornaments and stockings, baked a cake, did holiday-like-things, and sang Christmas carols in the shower.

Why go through all this nonsense? Last Christmas really sucked. Ed lost his job the month before, so any real cheer we had was gone with it. It was a lean Christmas, to say the least, and pretty miserable. Hence, my manic desire to make this one a good time.

Was it any different? Truthfully, not really. We did the same things and saw the same people, with one exception- My Mom. Since she moved this summer to upstate Pennsy, which is about 6 hours away, I haven't seen her. Visiting was pretty much out of the question since my corporate overlords put a moratorium on time off during Christmas. At least we were able to get presents for people. Regardless of all the cheeriness, there was still a pall over the entire season, hanging over our heads.

This coming year will place us right back where we were, almost at the same time as last year. Ed got word sometime last month that he will be losing his job. Again. That kind of put a damper on things, yet made me strive to have a good time.

One thing that was great? Our Anniversary. We had it low key, got some food and looked at Christmas lights, with some yummy warm drinks, went home spent some time with friends and drank a bottle of wine. Now, that was awesome. That is what it's all about.

Okay, before I get all sentimental and have the realization that Christmas is all about family, friends, love, warm feelings, peace on earth and Jesus, let's get one thing clear here - that's not my point. My point is that it doesn't have to have a holiday to have the <i> BEST FUCKING WHATEVER</i>. Sometimes those good times just happen and they don't. Holidays don't come with a mandate that they must be good. Honestly, I've had more good "off days" than actual holidays. I got so damn stressed out about Christmas, I lost sight of the fact that just because it's Christmas doesn't mean it HAS to be good.

So, I did have a pretty damn good Christmas, when all was said and done. However, I spent so much time forcing a good holiday, I stopped having fun at times. But I realized that I needed to let things happen, and not force it, but let things flow in a zen-like state. But I am thankful it's over and 2013 is here. Cheers, to a New Year, here's hoping 2013 will bring some goodness.

Dinner. I love tacos.Tijuana Flats.
My anniversary present!

Me and Ed at Christmas.

Note: The bracelet and pug necklace are from Cheap Frills, and I looooove them. Best Christmas Presents evar. 

Christmas Outfit Above: Black Blouse with velvet hearts and pussy bow: Forever21. Red cardi: Target. Corset belt: Torrid (from yeeears ago). Skirt, with velvet fans: Bettie Page.

Note on that skirt: OH MY GOD. I love that skirt. I waited a really long time to get it, and it really is gorgeous. 

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