Friday, June 15, 2012

The saddest accessory of them all.

So, keeping in vein with my original idea of this blog to mix girly and geeky I bring you a post on jewelry.

Not just any jewelry - brooches!

And I am hearing the crickets. Regardless, brooches and pins are probably my favorite accessory of all time and probably one of the most over looked. Yes ladies, brooches are not just for Grandma and Ladies Who Lunch anymore.

I tend to wear a ton of swears and cardigans, all year round, summer included. I work in an office, so sometimes it gets pretty chilly in there and I don't know how to work the thermostat. Truthfully, even if I did I wouldn't touch it because I would get my arm ripped off and beaten with it if I even entertained the notion. So, sweaters it is! My general "uniform" consists of work pants, plain nice tee and a cardigan. Blaaaaaaaah. So I dress it up a bit. A nice necklace and earrings and a brooch pinned to the lapel of my blouse or on the cardigan itself.

I tend to normally choose items of clothing and adornment that are different and not your usual. Same goes for my choices in brooches. I like to have a few rules for myself, to keep it in line with who I am and what I like to wear. My criteria:

  • Keep it funny, interesting and whimsical
  • No over-the-top fake bling
  • Nothing too crafty looking
  • No badges or button pins
So, that being said, lets take a look at my own personal collection:

This is part of the whole collection. You can see I like a variety of things to stick on myself. The green flower to the left tends to get a lot of compliments. One of my favorites is the owl one, it's actually a vintage puzzle piece I got from Etsy.

The other side of the picture above. And yes that is a Mockingjay Pin from The Hunger Games. I love this one because it's nice enough to wear at work, but still really cool and shows of my fandom.

This one I got recently, on Mill St. in Bristol, PA at the Mill Street Marketplace, in a basket full of vintage jewelry for a DOLLAR. Anyway, I just really love that it's a DUCK (reminds me of Dooney and Burke's duck), and is pretty unique. Here, I am rocking it on a collar of one of my most loved dresses from my vast shirt dress collection. He looks so nice with the green and blue.

This one is one of my very favorite brooches, for it's "expect the unexpected" feel. Most people who look at it are not expecting an octopus on such a pretty cameo. I got this one at the 2012 Philadelphia Tattoo Convention (side bar: It fucking rocked.) from Mechanique Steampunk (aka Mizz Mechanique).

This one is really special to me because it's vintage costume jewelry from my Great Aunt Andy who set it aside specifically for me before she died. It's so pretty and feminine, I always have to wear it with pastels and embellished cardigans. And of course, I love to wear it because it makes me think of my Andy.

Last but not least of this sampling, RED SPARKLY butterfly. This one looks really nice on prints and really most about everything. I was looking specifically for something in red since I lack that color in my jewelry in general. I found it at Rosebush Antiques in Langhorne, PA a HUGANTIC antique store with a tea room! I also really like to pin this one to the knot on the scarf thing attacked to the blouse in the picture. The black and white makes it pop well.

There you have it, some of my fave pieces of jewelry. I tend to find my most liked peices at vintage stores, second hand shops and antique stores, but I don't limit myself to just those places. I also don't wear them all the time, because truthfully, sometimes it doesn't work the outfit or I am over accessorized already. However, I still find brooches to be timeless and perfect for work, casual or formal outfits. Just remember, choose pieces that speak to you and fit to your style and personality.

Untill Next Time I Remember I Have A Blog

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