Saturday, September 19, 2009

Internet, Day 2

Last night, at the most ungodly hour of 5:00 am, my alarm clock goes off. Infinitely angry that I was woken up waaay before noon on a Saturday, I move my arm to start to beat Ed to go turn the alarm clock off.

A word of note on this. Beating Ed up in his sleep tends to be a nightly routine, sometimes not by my design, sometimes, like in the case of the extremely obnoxious alarm clock (which by the by was HIS IDEA) I do it on purpose. I as make the motions to whack him on the shoulder, I hit pillow. Now I am truly awake. When Ed is not in bed at 5am my spidey-sense tends to go haywire. I point to exhibit A. One night, Ed takes his brother Frank back home. I say bye to them both and Ed tells me he's going to be back soon. So I settle into bed with a book (Pride and Predjudice and Zombies) and soon I am dreaming of fighting zombies against a lush regency backdrop. 3am I wake up with a start. I roll over, thinking to be stopped by Ed and I almost roll off the bed. I get up and look out the window - his car is gone. I panic, run down stairs for the cell phone and call him. He answers, and in my most deadly voice, I say the words uttered by many a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or domestic partner..."Where ARE YOU?" Apparently, he got talking with Mark, his brother in law. So, as we can see, Ed not being in bed tends to be a normal thing.

Regardless, I lurch down the stairs and find him, still in his clothes on the couch (which is really quite a piece of narcoleptic furniture) snoring away, the TV on infomercials. I think about this for a minute and decide to leave him there. I turn the TV off and go back up stairs to read to go back to sleep again (this is a normal thing for me). I spread out on the bed and enjoyed my comfyness.

So, really I was kinda mad that he was on the couch, because it's not really good for his bad back. On the upside, I get to take over the whole bed :D

....he can stay on the couch.

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